Factory Gallery

MAHASEELNA factory is one of the first factories in Sudan which works in the field of sifting and filtering of agricultural grains, preparing and processing them for export in a way that attracts buyers and investors. The factory made in Turkey, and works automatically in all stages of product processing. , Where the operation started with emptying the product in the large grain carriers and ending with the packing stage in the elegant bags. The factory is located in the industrial zone south of the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

The plant is characterized by high efficiency and precision in the management of sifting operations, and operates according to the highest European standards and global classification of the grain sector, in addition to the possibilities of multiple controls to produce several forms and patterns of the product according to specifications determined by the customer.

The factory has a high production capacity of 20 tons per hour, which enables it to cover the increasing export orders of the PRECISE group of companies, the owner of the factory. It also qualifies it to meet the needs of the local market and other companies working in the field of grain export. The factory provides the highest purity and quality of ready-made grain for export and local consumption. .

The factory has a special quality control box and a laboratory for studies and analysis to ensure continuous product improvement.

Precise Investment Group